NYAB can be likened to a heavey chain, where every link does its part but only together can we handle the full weight. We see our diversity as a force multiplier, where each individual's experience, creativity and curiosity is leveraged to achieve the best possible outcome.

NYAB is a young company but we have decades of industry experience.

We embrace diversity because we know that high-performing individuals often are a little different. They aren't at their best in too narrow roles, because they have so much to offer on so many levels. We do not limit people to easily defined and expendable job positions. At NYAB people understand the context in which they operate; they understand how their work relates to everyone else's, and how they affect the final outcome – from planning to construction to logistics.

When everyone understands the entirety of the project, they can truly help produce a better product.

Through our four business areas we meet the market and our customers' demands for breadth and excellence. (NYAB Infrastruktur AB effectively functions as a business area, but is in legal terms a subsidiary specializing in infrastructure contracts.)