Business Areas

Width and depth

Through our business areas, we meet market and customer demands for breadth and excellence. We are active on a national level within land improvement, infrastructure, special projects and construction. We perform specialized projects such as railway work, house moves, demolition work, fiber and fence work.

Land improvement


As a contractor, general, total and subcontractor, we carry out projects in landscaping. We are happy to work in collaboration as it facilitates the opportunity to create maximum value for our customers. 


The road network is the connection hub for people, businesses and industry. NYAB builds the infrastructure of tomorrow, to ensure a growing and efficient society. We perform new builds and rebuilds for industry, municipality and state.


Special Projects


Within the Special business area, NYAB carries out demolition and house relocations. We also carry out optical and fiber work as well as fencing and railway projects.


We undertake projects as a contractor, general, total and subcontractor in the Stockholm region, including adjacent areas. We are happy to work in close collaboration with customers and partners and assist with solutions throughout the contract's journey.

More projects within Business Areas
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