Work at NYAB

We want to give ourselves the best opportunities possible to become the industry’s first choice. This requires us to be a smarter company, which attracts ambitious and quality-minded co-workers. At NYAB, we support diversity and let high ambitions and winning attitudes unite us. Do you want to join in?

Complete services within construction work

Throughout our business areas, we meet market and customer demands for breadth and excellence. We are active on a national level within land improvement, infrastructure, special projects and construction. operating at national level in construction, infrastructure and specialties.



Despite our many differences, there is a certain characteristic common to every single person at NYAB. This is the combination of ambition and attitude that is our recipe for success. Therefore we have the same expectations from you as you should have from us.


We live by the motto "we are never better than our latest project". Continuous progress and development are natural parts of NYAB as a workplace. You could say that we are competing against ourselves, and we are winning together. Do you agree?

Meaningful construction work

Our work creates spaces for life and mobility. Therefore, we see it as mandatory that you want to do good, by the performance of your work and for society as a whole.

A good attitude

We are down to earth, easy-going, with a lot of substance. We believe that if you do good in every situation, and stay honest, it pays off. It makes work fun - for us and our partners.

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