The CEO has the floor


“I would like to begin by thanking employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders for a well-executed and stable 2013. A successful six months has passed since my also NYAB's first CEO words. The target for 2013 has been met and exceeded. The growth for the full year 2013 compared to the comparison year 2012 was very satisfactory, in figures: just over SEK 57 million in sales, which gives a growth of about 140%. Most gratifying is the fact that the underlying profitability of our core business was very good, spiked with one or two "deals", we landed on an operating profit exceeding 13% for the financial year 2013. Reported figures are to be regarded as the consequence and receipt of a more than well executed teamwork comprising nearly 50 people and personalities.

Another thing that is worth noting for the previous year is that NYAB has changed and renewed its logo, with the aim of clarifying and simplifying in order to build a stronger brand. The new facilities in Luleå AB are removed from the logo, NYAB and the moon remains.

Our goal for the full year 2014 is set in accordance with the original plan, ie a growth of at least 40% compared to the comparison year 2013. When it comes to the ceiling on the growth rate, it is the quality and customer satisfaction that sets the limit, where we never thumb. The order backlog for 2014 already has just over SEK 35 million, which is to be compared with the previous year when we entered 2013 with <4 miljoner i orderstock. Vi vill dessutom ytterligare förstärka och tydliggöra vår position i Malmfälten. NYAB har två företagsförvärv så gott som klara, vi har tagit i hand med säljarna. DD är utförda och aktieöverlåtelseavtal är under utformning. Förvärven är i olika segment och presenteras närmare innan utgången av Q1.

At the time of writing, we are working hard in parallel with production and submission of tenders with reorganization, IT, personnel responsibility, quality and environmental work, new recruitments and restructuring. All this in order to have all the parts in place so that "growing pains" do not limit our opportunities for continued profitable growth based on quality and satisfied customers.

Furthermore, the market prospects are considered good, the range of contracts in land and construction is large in the county, especially in the Ore Fields and along the coast. However, the competition is still fierce and as a rule there are at least a handful of stakeholders and bidders, competition encourages us to get even better, and the sleeves are rolled up. The game plan on the market is constantly changing and this at a high pace. Companies that have operated in a more or less pure UE form compete with their former customers, players broaden their product range, old alliances fall and new collaborations arise. This creates ideal conditions for a smaller, fast-growing and fast-footed company such as NYAB, provided that we interpret trends, tendencies and competitors' actions correctly, draw correct conclusions and act.

Our construction continues on the paved road. NYAB continues to work to create, refine and now also maintain "a winning culture" and team spirit that includes commitment, joy and responsibility throughout the organization. If we succeed, the current year will be another step in the right direction and lead to good and long-lasting relationships with our partners and stakeholders. We own the issue and the conditions are there! ”

- Johan Larsson, CEO NYAB.

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