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It's quite exactly 2.5 years since my and NYAB's first CEO words. The company's development during these 2.5 years has been good to say the least. Until the spring of 2013, we were a small fencing, house relocation and demolition company with 7 professionals and 1 white-collar worker, annual sales in 2012 were approximately SEK 24 million.

In 2015, we were about 60 employees, slightly fewer salaried employees than professionals. We carry out most types of building and construction projects as well as house relocations, demolition and fencing work. NYAB and the subsidiary NYAB INFRA had sales of just over SEK 300 million during the previous year. When we apply successive profit recognition, the reported net sales will land at approximately SEK 250 million. NYAB will report an operating profit of approximately 9%. Consequently, we have sales of just over SEK 50 million with us, which are not results calculated into 2016.

Managing an operating profit of 9% during such strong growth as 100% is organic is a good rating for the company's management and strategies. It is a very good rating for the company's professionals and operational construction managers at all levels. The conclusion is that we as a company do much more right than wrong.

NYAB has completed the company's first three-year plan and the goal of a growth exceeding 40% each year for 2013, 2014, 2015 has been achieved with laughter, joy, sweat and tears. In total, the NYAB Group has a growth of just over 1000% during this period.

We see that we have a good platform to grow from. NYAB is now a strong brand and it is noticeable that the local market appreciates us and our work.

We have previously communicated that we will go out with a new three-year plan. That will not be the case. The background is that we see that we need to grow geographically in order to continue to develop NYAB in the long term.

Consequently, 2016 will be a very important year as we put our energy into refining and developing the company's internal processes and examining which new markets we are entering. At present, the Mälardalen valley and northern Norway are the ones that look most interesting.

In these markets, there will be a good supply in the foreseeable future. At the same time, we know that when a company enters a new geography in a mature industry, the new player is in many cases Kalle Anka and makes unnecessary, clunky mistakes that are costly. NYAB must be extremely selective regarding where, when and the procedure when we seriously leave the county. With that said, it can happen already in the spring if everything is right and it can just as easily take another year.

The stated goal for 2016 will be that we will grow by a maximum of 40%, which is a clear slowdown in growth. Of course, it is customer satisfaction that governs and is at the top. If we grow with more than 40%, we are doubtful that we deliver a quality that gives satisfied customers. At the turn of the year, we will return with a thorough three-year plan for profitable growth.

I would like to end by stating that we have kept our promise and gotten better. NYAB is much better than we were 2 years ago, at the same time we are clearly bigger as a company and get new demands on us and we are faced with new challenges. If we are as determined and humble as we have been in our first years, we will be even more successful in the coming years. It is sensitivity and "Performance in construction" that apply. We have it in our own hands and we will continue to develop with our suppliers and customers.

- Johan Larsson, CEO NYAB

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