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The people in NYAB are growing and the company with them.

During the current year, we have received a number of construction contracts, primarily in construction, but also in construction, fencing, demolition and relocation. In June alone, NYAB signed contracts for more than SEK 200 million. There is almost SEK 400 million in our order backlog, most of which is produced during the current year.

We have succeeded well with our plan to sign a number of ongoing agreements and framework agreements and now hold such agreements with, among others, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Migration Agency, Luleå Municipality, NLL, Överkalix Municipality, Folksam and Länsförsäkringar. These agreements are an important part of our strategy.

Not to be too dependent on winning contracting procurements and to ensure employment even during the winter in order to establish NYAB as one of the major players. The framework agreements are in the segments construction, civil engineering and demolition.

The subsidiary NYAB Infra continues to develop and already at the turn of the year has an order backlog that surpasses last year's. The projects extend from Piteå to Kiruna with a focus on the north. It is mainly machine-intensive land projects and remediation that are in the order backlog.

Several major projects have recently begun and a number of major ones will begin next month, so it is too early to make a financial forecast for the full year 2016. What we can say with certainty is that the first half of 2016 is significantly better than the first half of 2015, which developed into a more than approved full year. So the conditions for success better financially than last year are, to say the least, good. We feel that we are able to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction and receive that response from our customers. This in itself is very reassuring as it is our guideline and what we navigate by when we assess what growth rate we can handle, this year the growth rate is clearly lower than the previous year.

Retirements lurk around the corner, former Construction Engineer and Site Manager Göran Segerlund has dropped to a level where he contributes as a "Senior Technical Advisor", Göran who I have had the privilege of working with throughout my career, in a total of three different companies turns 69 years old. NYAB and I personally have a lot to thank Göran for. Furthermore, our Business Area Manager for Construction, Christer Berggren, has announced that after 45 years as a builder, he wants to start a reduction in working hours and responsibilities. NYAB's hope is to be able to keep builder Christer in a senior role in the future, negotiations are ongoing and Christer himself will decide how much and in what form he wants to contribute to NYAB's continued journey.

However, the re-growth is reassuring and most have advanced and developed within their service and a few to a higher service. We have also had the privilege of welcoming a handful of new employees who have all joined because they and their immediate superior believe that they have the right attitude and will make NYAB even better.

During the year, we improved internal processes and clarified the division of responsibilities. Our IT systems have been further developed to match our needs and we have launched a new website. Efforts have also been made in areas such as KMA, finance, law and insurance. Important things that are done as part of the current year's consolidation and lower growth rate. It is a must to be able to develop NYAB further in the coming years.

The market looks relatively good and the range of projects in all segments must be described as good. However, the competition is fierce, so it is important that all parts of the company perform to achieve the customer satisfaction and the financial outcome that we strive for.

In summary, NYAB continues to develop and grow. We do it by having fun at work. By accepting the challenge of being better today than we were yesterday and with the ambition to be even better tomorrow.

-Johan Larsson, CEO NYAB

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