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NYAB puts sustainability in focus.

We have started 2018 very strongly, last year's growth of just over 40% will this year have full effect regarding production and thus sales on the existing order backlog. Calculated in kronor, this year's growth will be stronger than the previous year, calculated in % it will be roughly equivalent. We also won contracts to the planned extent during the year. This year, the Group will have a sales volume of approximately SEK 700 million, and we will be able to handle an operating profit in excess of 7% on that volume. Achieving that result is an absolute necessity to be stable for the coming years' growth and

It is not possible to cope with the growth rate we had, about 2000% during the start-up phase, ie the initial 5-year period without very good financial results, and to then prioritize cash flow and think about capital tied up and investments. It is worth mentioning in this context that when we started in 2013, we decided that we should make this journey as highly "self-financed", and thereby take one step at a time, at the pace that the company is
mature and ready. Our belief is that it lays the foundation for a winning culture, and gives the organization an opportunity to make mistakes, and learn and grow at a level where the company can afford to learn from its mistakes.

The opposite relationship or approach would have been to take on board a venture capitalist on the voyage in
start-up and quickly take larger volumes and market shares. My absolute conviction is that in the end it would have been a weaker company, which already now, five years after the start, had a weaker brand and a weaker profitability. And not least, that company had not had a winning culture. We have simply chosen to build NYAB from scratch.

We are well prepared for this year's challenges and have an organization and operations that are mature in every way to cope with the year in a good way. The number of employees will exceed 100 by June at the latest. The number is relatively evenly distributed between salaried employees and collective employees, and even more important than the number is of course the attitude and competence of these employees, which is really, really good and high.

We have also had the great pleasure of appointing a KMA and Sustainability Manager during the year. It is
very important issues and that position includes an obvious place in the group management. This is exactly what feels right. To get someone who drives issues I myself have not been able to cope with. It is not in NYAB's DNA to just follow and meet minimum requirements, we want the strength and energy to alternately be involved and lead, or somehow put pressure and chase those who lead. Since he took office, we have developed considerably in a short time in sustainability issues, and structures for the KMA work are clearer, we of course want to contribute to a prosperous, democratic and equal society and a healthy planet for us and future generations. And we must be able to handle soft pieces in a systematic way in step with our growth. We have also reached the volume that means that from the annual report for 2018 we will prepare a sustainability report in accordance with current EU legislation. We are very much looking forward to that.

A great deal of praise is to be directed to Lkab, who sets high standards in these areas, and who has helped us to see and think new in these areas through audits and dialogue. In summary, I can say that NYAB today is good in sustainability issues, I can also say that we can be much better. So good that we will be able to use it as a means of competition in the future.

Recently, NYAB and the subsidiary NYAB Infrastruktur have established themselves with offices in Piteå and Kalix, and soon in Haparanda. We are beginning to emphatically be able to say that we are a Norrbotten company. We have employees resident in principle in all the county's municipalities. And we operate more or less in all local markets.

We are also pleased that more and more projects that are subject to the Public Procurement Act (LOU) are procured in the contract form collaborative contract or partnering. Since the start in 2013, we have participated in and carried out a high number of collaboration contracts. And in all cases NYAB has been a contracting party, it has been a good project and a satisfied contractor and customer. NYAB's four business areas: Construction, civil engineering, specialty and infrastructure are growing separately. We see the highest growth rate this year in construction and infrastructure. Of course, each business area shares and helps each other with their expertise.

Norrbotten breathes morning air and overall there is a belief in the future. Financing and
concretization of mining-related investments and societal transformations in Kiruna and Gällivare
means a lot to the local community and the county. The Norrbotnia line is being brought up to date, Piteå has woken up with industrial and logistical investments. Luleå continues to develop in every way, important here is that the development must not take place at the expense of other Norrbotten places. Politicians, universities, cultural life, the restaurant industry, the tourism industry, no one mentioned and no one forgotten help everyone. The whole of Norrbotten must take part in the initiated development journey. My personal opinion is that we have challenges BUT also fantastic opportunities throughout the county and we must take advantage of it together.

NYAB, which wants to contribute by primarily offering and enabling cost-effective constructions,
facilities and infrastructure investments in the county see opportunities. When we do not win assignments, we know that we ensure competition and we speed up the legs of our competitors. A good consolation for every contract we do not win is that some company, or some municipality or government agency has made a good purchase, because someone has offered an even cheaper option than NYAB.

All this is made possible by the quality of our employees, the ability to focus on the task and to do it together. In a sustainable way.


- Johan Larsson, CEO NYAB

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