Establishment in Gällivare


The fast-growing construction company NYAB and its subsidiary NYAB INFRA are establishing themselves in Gällivare. At the beginning of August, the operational adaptation of our premises at the Vuoskonjärvi industrial area will be completed and occupancy will begin.

Gällivare, like other ore fields, is a growing market and we have a number of ongoing contracts and contracts in the municipality for, among others, LKAB, Top Bostäder, Gällivare municipality and most private players. Last year, we set the goal for NYAB to play an active role in ongoing and future societal transformations in the ore fields. This establishment is our way of thanking our customers and the community for the trust we have gained.

We now enable continued growth with customer satisfaction and quality as key words. Working and working for a positive societal development in the societies we operate in we see as a matter of course, having a full local connection facilitates that work. For the time being, part of our operations in Kiruna will be managed from Gällivare. However, NYAB's ambition is to be an attractive employer that in the long run generates quality and customer satisfaction that enables an establishment also in Kiruna already in the coming years.


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