Football for everyone


Football and team sports build community and create a meaningful leisure time, but above all it should be fun and inclusive.

NYAB wants to contribute to this and therefore takes pride in being the main sponsor, and enables Luleå's only free football school, which introduces children to both football joy and community. Background or experience does not matter, everyone is welcome!

During week 25, the football school is held at Skogsvallen in Luleå, completely free of charge. We will train football, learn more and develop. We also take the opportunity to visit Leos Lekland together!

Date: June 17 - 20. 10.00 - 15.30 every day.
Everyone who participates gets a football, T-shirt, and water bottle.
Hot lunch and snacks included.
200 guaranteed seats.

Registration is made to no later than 20 May 2019. Write "Registration football school" in the subject line.

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