IFK Luleå


IFK Luleå is the town’s oldest and biggest football club. Here, local kids and teenagers can develop together and individually. The club’s responsibility is not only football related, they are also crafting good people and future members of society - with good values, comradery and happiness.

During the spring of 2019 NYAB got the opportunity to collaborate with IFK. The two partners have a common view of sports, team spirit and developing the next generation of players and citizens. Let’s go IFK!

We are proud and humble to have had it possible for a collaboration in such a short time. We are eager to be a part of this journey with IFK and their members. One of the main reasons that we want to support IFK is that they have a solid ground, with many non-profit forces behind them, both in the first team and in the youth teams, says Johan Larsson, CEO NYAB.

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