Johan Larsson appointed CEO of SkartaNYAB Plc - also other changes in the management team

JL_NYAB_ CEO_Photo by Daniel Holmgren

Translated SkartaNYAB Stock exchange release, dated 2022-04-01. 10.30 Swedish time.
Due to corporate languish Finnish and English

SkartaNYAB plc's (the “Company”) Board of Directors has appointed Johan Larsson as the new CEO of the Company. Access takes place immediately. He has been CEO of NYAB Sverige AB since 2012. He has previously been an entrepreneur in several growth companies in various industries and a board member in almost 30 companies. He is also a board member of the Company.

Larsson owns 50% from Holding Investment Förvaltning i Luleå AB, which owns 235,724,280 shares in the Company and is its largest shareholder with an ownership share of 33.5%. In addition, he owns 5,055,000 shares in the Company personally and through other companies under his control.

“I am happy to be appointed CEO of SkartaNYAB, a listed company with an entrepreneurial culture and soul. My goal and mission together with the board is to create value for our shareholders. I truly believe that the only way to achieve sustainable long-term value creation is to attract and develop the best people in the industry. SkartaNYAB has extremely competent and high-performing staff, with a history of high organic growth in combination with excellent margins. What primarily drives development is our culture and our industrial know-how, which gives us a diversified, carefully selected, multi-year order backlog. Made with quality. The EBITDA margin in SkartaNYAB's combined pro forma figures for 2021 exceeds 10 %, which is proof of a strong financial performance.

SkartaNYAB's own resources, combined with selected partnerships, such as the recently launched collaboration with Solarigo, make us an excellent builder of a clean future. Operating as a listed company also enables mergers and acquisitions as a complement to our strong organic growth. We will never be a traditional “buy n build” company because our focus is to identify, attract and acquire only industrial masters who share the same culture as we do, and who complement and improve our offering throughout Scandinavia. My promise is to operate in growing markets and that we with care and balance will perform even better in the coming years, says Larsson.

Tuomas Hirvonen, the company's former CEO, will continue as Deputy CEO and member of Group Management. There have been other changes in Group management to meet the new Group's management needs as of March 31, 2022. In addition to Larsson and Hirvonen, the following are included:

  • CFO Aku Väliaho
  • Senior Vice President Finland Mikko Ahonen
  • Senior Vice President Sweden Magnus Granljung
  • Vice President Sweden Mikael Ritola
  • Vice President Project Development Kari Tuominen
  • Head of Communications and Marketing Minna Koistinen (starting May 1, 2022)

Former members of Group Management will continue in the SkartaNYAB Group's service, with the exception of Integration Manager Hannu Mänty and Director of Strategy and Development Jukka Raudasoja. They both leave the company on April 1, 2022. Descriptions of the members of Group Management are available on the company's website

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