Mikael Ritola takes over as Deputy CEO of NYAB

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Since its inception in the summer of 2013, NYAB has had a fantastic development. What started as a small Luleå company has first developed into a successful regional group and is now in the process of becoming a national player that will soon make its seventh straight financial year with good growth and profitability well above the industry average.

Mikael Ritola will take over as Deputy CEO on 4 November. Mikael is 30 years old, and already belongs to NYAB's Group Management. He has solid experience in contracting and has held senior positions within NYAB Sweden since the start in 2013, and before that the predecessor to NYAB, Nyanläggarna in Luleå.

- In many ways, Mikael's development personifies NYAB's development. Keeping a higher personal development rate than one of Sweden's fastest growing groups says a lot about the attitude and quality of the person. This year, we have the highest percentage growth in the subsidiary NYAB Infrastruktur, and in the coming years we can say with high certainty that the growth will be highest in NYAB Mälardalen. At the same time we are looking at further new geographies. Mikael's competencies come in handy as Deputy CEO so that we can continue to maintain a high pace with profitable growth. The NYAB culture, which is based on community, safety, quality and sustainability, leads to personal development and is the basis for profitable growth, says Robert Säthergren, Chairman of the Board of NYAB.

- NYAB's success is based on the team. It is important that the top management has a reasonably good idea of what is happening in the project operations. As well as an understanding of and an insight into what challenges and what everyday life looks like for our employees. This gives management an unfiltered basis for making smarter decisions, and then the opportunity to create better conditions and strategies. It is very important that we get this with us when we operate over larger geographies and with larger volumes. The challenge for the coming years lies in systematizing and policy-managing the activities to a greater extent without in any way stifling or stifling the individual-developing and high-performing culture. Instead, we must gradually systematize in a way that supports and strengthens the existing and winning culture. Mikael's appointment as Deputy CEO is very important for the Group's continued development, and he complements me well with a superior level of knowledge between us within our core business, says Johan Larsson, CEO of NYAB.

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