NYAB is a member of the UN Global Compact


Droughts, strong heat waves, rising sea levels are a reality. The IPCC warns of a temperature rise of 2 degrees and more, a change that will have crisis consequences if climate efforts are not doubled. The climate issue is high on the agenda today as our environmental footprint becomes increasingly clear.

In direct correlation, the environmental movement has created a breeding ground for innovative business strategies, more conscious consumption and a more sustainable consumption of resources. The countries of the world have agreed on the UN Global Goals - 17 points to be achieved by 2030. In short, we must eliminate extreme poverty, reduce inequalities and injustices, promote peace and justice, and resolve the climate crisis.

Here you will find all Global Goals.

Since April 2019, NYAB is a member of the UN Global Compact. This means that together with over 9000 companies we work according to ten basic principles to drive development within the Global Goals. The principles, which are based on human rights, work, the environment and anti-corruption, must be integrated into policies, strategies, business and working methods. Our work with the ten principles will be reported publicly annually.

Here you will find the principles in their entirety.

The future must begin today.


 UN 17 Global Goals.
UN 17 Global Goals.


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