NYAB is awarded the "E4 Salmis Haparanda" by the Swedish Transport Administration

NYAB Infrastructure-2020

The contract relates to the conversion of the existing road to a meeting-free country road (1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 2 + 2) on the road section E4 Haparanda-Salmis within Haparanda municipality, Norrbotten county. The length of the road is about 7 km. The project also includes widening of the road bridge over the Haparanda line, new construction of 5 gates under the E4, as well as individual roads and GC road. The contract value amounts to just over SEK 176 million.

- We already have an extensive business relationship with the Swedish Transport Administration. The challenge is to deliver safety and quality cost-effectively, says Björn Lindbäck, work manager at NYAB Infrastructure.

This is not the subsidiary NYAB Infrastructure's largest contract, but albeit by a narrow margin the largest road contract in its almost three-year history.

- We now have extensive operations in eastern Norrbotten. This project will run until the autumn of 2022. We will continue to look at opportunities to offer suppliers and subcontractors annual employment and larger volumes and thereby the opportunity for competitive growth in their respective companies and operations with us. Our multi-year basic maintenance agreement won last winter on state roads within Kalix will now begin this autumn. Framework agreements with the Swedish Fortifications Agency and Kalix Municipality together with our project operations give us a desirable position and position in this geography, concludes Magnus Granljung, CEO of NYAB Infrastructure.

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