NYAB is building the foundation for the House of Knowledge in Gällivare

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Press release 2017-08-29

NYAB Sverige AB is building the foundation for the new knowledge house in Gällivare.

NYAB is awarded the contract for "Basic and frame construction floor 1 knowledge house".

The contract between NYAB and Gällivare municipality concerns foundation and frame work in the block "New school 6 & 7" in central Gällivare. BTA is about 6000 m2 and the total volume of the entire project is about 22600 m2. The contract value is approximately SEK 30 million.

On the same plot, with Gällivare municipality as a customer, NYAB is already carrying out a spontaneous and
excavation contract and a demolition contract. This construction contract is thus the third NYAB wins in three different segments, and thus all of NYAB's business areas are represented in the area, ie construction, special and now construction.

- Really fun that our builders also find here, we are working in this now also to turn the demolition of MD´s into a move to be able to preserve a building that three generations of Gällivare residents have a relationship with, and we look like that together with a local contractor and the municipality succeeds, says Mikael Ritola, Business Area Manager Special, NYAB.

- Society is transformed. We want to be involved in developing it, building for Gällivare municipality is part of our business plan and we will now show who we are and what quality we also maintain on the construction side. This particular project is a real challenge with a great public interest and a forced schedule, says Johan Rahkola, Business Area Manager Construction, NYAB.

- We are already an established and larger player in Gällivare. Being able to take advantage of our breadth and take advantage of the synergies between our respective business areas has been a stated strategy. To me, this shows what tip and width NYAB has. To compete and win in three different disciplines in tough competition says a lot about the team NYAB concludes Johan Larsson, CEO, NYAB.

NYAB Sverige AB is a fast-growing construction company with headquarters in Luleå and local offices in Gällivare and Kiruna. NYAB is divided into three business areas, business area construction, civil engineering and specialty, where specialty includes demolition, house relocation, fencing and cable. In 2016, the NYAB Group had sales of more than SEK 330 million. In 2017, the volume is estimated to amount to almost SEK 500 million.

For further information, please contact:
Johan Rahkola, Business Area Manager Construction, 070-575 33 80, johan.rahkola@nyabab.se

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