NYAB adapts European signaling systems to railways


The European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) is an EU-common signaling system. The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for the introduction in Sweden and estimates the total cost at approximately SEK 30 billion. It is about replacing an older and worn signal system and in the long run facilitating sustainable and cross-border train traffic in Europe.

NYAB has been awarded a contract on the Kiruna-Riksgränsen section. The project is called “OPTO 2.0 - For the construction of a multiduct on the ore line, the section Kiruna Malmbangård - Kiruna - Riksgränsen, within Norrbotten County.

The project is carried out as a construction contract and includes the placement of a multi-duct, placement of technical cabinets and blowing of microcable within the track area and passage over bridges are included in the contract. Production will begin within the next few weeks. The contract value for NYAB amounts to just over SEK 141 million.

- A challenging and time-consuming project, with a high focus on safety. We are pleased that the Swedish Transport Administration gives us renewed confidence, as we performed a similar contract last year. NYAB has developed well in fiber / opto, road and rail in recent years. We have recently been awarded another traffic safety-enhancing project for the Swedish Transport Administration. In the form of new construction of game fencing in Norrbotten, says Mikael Ritola, Business Area Manager and Deputy CEO of NYAB.

- The technology in a large part of the current signaling system has exceeded its theoretical technical service life. The Swedish Transport Administration is making this transition in very close collaboration with the train traffic industry, and it is not more than a decade away before the entire Swedish railway network has been transferred to ERTMS. It is very gratifying to be involved and enable future transitions to ERTMS and thereby improve the opportunities for climate-neutral traffic on Europe's railway network. NYAB has a continued strong development in infrastructure-related projects, says Johan Larsson, CEO of NYAB.

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