NYAB acquires HT-Bygg

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NYAB acquires the long-standing construction consortium HT-Bygg, originally a consortium between B Henriksson Byggnads AB and Tornedalens Byggnads AB.

HT-Bygg has mainly operated in northern Norrbotten and, through the previous owner companies, has origins dating back to the 1930s. At NYAB's takeover, HT-Bygg has around 15 employees, mainly carpenters and reinforcers, and had sales of approximately SEK 25 million last year.

The company's operations are merged into NYAB. NYAB and HT-Bygg have had a lot of joint projects in the past year. During these projects, our respective corporate cultures have met and we have found that we have had a common foundation in values such as long-term sustainability, professionalism, honesty and proud responsible employees.

HT-bygg's previous owners Christer Berggren and SO and Patrik Nyström feel that this is a good way to continue to develop the business. This acquisition is to be regarded as the start of NYAB's business area "Construction" and is seen as an important step in playing a larger and more active role in the ore fields' ongoing social transformations. This also gives NYAB the opportunity to offer its customers more complete products with complete solutions and the synergies with existing operations offer many opportunities.

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