NYAB Infrastructure wins Kalix municipality's trust and signs a four-year framework agreement


The framework agreement covers ground and construction work, water and sewerage and asphalt work. The term of the agreement extends, including options over four years. The total contract value is estimated at approximately SEK 70 million.

For us, this was a priority contract. This is in line with our ambition to have a high market presence in eastern Norrbotten and to build a base that consists of multi-year agreements to be able to manage our growth rate in a good way. I and most of my colleagues are also Kalix residents and look forward to delivering high-quality work to the municipality and its residents, says Björn Lindbäck, work manager at NYAB Infrastructure.

NYAB Infrastructure is approaching its 1st anniversary. We have come a long way in the scarce year we have worked. We can feel proud of what we have achieved so far, and we have a lot of fun ahead of us. We have succeeded in attracting very competent and driven employees and suppliers, which in the long run provides high quality, satisfied customers and good profitability. This contract gives us a basis and basis to recruit additional employees, who want to grow with us, says Magnus Granljung, CEO of NYAB Infrastructure.

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