NYAB Infrastructure wins the Swedish Transport Administration's procurements "New GC port Ponderosa and E4 Kalix stage 3 Wastewater Treatment Plant - Björkforsvägen"


The two separate procurements include ground and paving work as well as central railings,
electrical work, water works and bridge work. The projects will now start during the summer and will be
completed before the winter of 2018. The contract value exceeds SEK 32 million.

- Within the course of a week, it is very gratifying to receive two positive award notices from the Swedish Transport Administration. The projects themselves are completely in line with our expertise, and we look forward to carrying out infrastructure work in the Kalix area that has a positive effect on the traffic situation for pedestrian, bicycle and car traffic, says Björn Lindbäck, work manager at NYAB Infrastructure.

- I agree with Björn, and want to emphasize the solid work done by our contracting engineers and calculators in connection with the tender work. NYAB Infrastructure is only about 7 months old, and we feel and see that we have something really good going on, these awards are completely in line with our overall strategy which includes a high and clear market presence in eastern Norrbotten, concludes Magnus Granljung, CEO.

For further information, please contact:
Magnus Granljung, CEO NYAB Infrastructure, 070-293 90 95, magnus.granljung@nyabinfrastruktur.se

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