NYAB Infrastruktur AB wins the Swedish Transport Administration's procurement "New E10, Road 874 - Karhuniemi" in Kiruna



The project is a consequence of LKAB's mining and part of the ongoing societal transformation, which is carried out to achieve the intertwined goals, to build a more attractive society and future-proof mining operations.

The project is the largest road contract procured in Norrbotten this year. The contract exceeds SEK 120 million. The contract consists of 7 km of road including 8 bridges, of which 5 are concrete bridges, 2 wooden bridges and 1 arch arch bridge. 

- The NYAB Group is already well established in the ore fields and it has since the start in 2013 been a stated goal that the company should take as active a part as the market allows in the ongoing social transformation. For that reason, it will be even more fun that the newly started NYAB Infrastructure manages to win this contract in tough competition. This contract is completely in line with where we want and it gives us a good platform to continue to develop the company from, says Magnus Granljung, CEO of NYAB Infrastructure.

- For me, all projects are interesting and have their challenges, this project has a certain amount of complexity and the great interest in society together with the fact that it is important for society Kiruna makes it extra interesting, says Björn Lindbäck, project manager.

- We must humbly state that NYAB Infrastructure not only received, but also deserved a head start and that the goal in this project is to hand over a facility that exceeds the customer's and users' expectations, concludes Magnus Granljung.

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