NYAB Infrastructure signs a four-year national framework agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration for roads and railways


The framework agreement covers track and construction work. The agreement period extends, including an option, over four years. The total contract value is estimated at approximately SEK 500 million. In total, there are eighteen different sections of road and rail. Geographically, the eighteen sections are located in Mälardalen, Västerbotten and Norrbotten. The high-traffic sections Mälarbanan, Arlandabanan, Stockholm Nord, Stockholm Mitt and Stockholm Syd are included in the contract.

A very significant and gratifying contract, right in connection with NYAB Infrastructure's 1-year day. The ink on the contract has barely dried up, but preparations are already in full swing. We already have a clear organization for the road and track sections in Northern Sweden to staff projects in a good way. To ensure quality in the execution of parts that are in the Stockholm area, we are investigating the interest among our employees to work in Stockholm, in parallel, we have had initial negotiations with subcontractors and suppliers based in the Stockholm area. It should also not be excluded that we acquire a suitable company in connection with this. If we handle this in an optimal way, we have good opportunities to seriously and on a large scale establish ourselves in Mälardalen during the four-year contract period, says Magnus Granljung, CEO of NYAB Infrastructure.

The group has had an incredible development since its inception in 2013. And for NYAB's part, this contract is a good basis for our planned further development. It marks our recently started investment in a new segment, railway-specific projects, and it is also in some form the first real step into the Stockholm market, says Johan Larsson, CEO of NYAB Sverige AB.

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