NYAB moves cultural buildings on behalf of LKAB

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NYAB Sverige AB wins LKAB's trust and receives two major contracts in connection with the social transformation in Gällivare. NYAB is awarded the contracts for "Land & Infrastructure Koskullskulle" and "Move cultural buildings KOS".

- Gällivare is an interesting place with an active business community. It has been our stated goal to play a greater role in the Ore Fields' ongoing social transformations, says Fredrik Karkiainen, Work Manager Construction, NYAB.

The contract between NYAB and LKAB relates to land and infrastructure on Koskullskulle and the relocation of 31 buildings, including 1 pump house from Malmberget to Koskullskulle.

- These contracts mean that we will have extensive operations in Gällivare until the planned completion on 2018-09-30. All projects have their challenges, but this is extra interesting due to its complexity and that it involves so many of NYAB's branches of technology, says Daniel Johansson, Site Manager Mark, NYAB.

We have won LKAB's trust and humbly look forward to managing the trust with the given goal of ultimately delivering a high-quality end product, says Mikael Ritola, Project Manager Husflytt, NYAB. For the relocation work, we have chosen Mammoet as a partner and subcontractor.

Mammoet is a global company headquartered in the Netherlands. The company specializes in complex relocation assignments. Mammoet has about 5,500 employees and also operates in the mining and energy sector. The list of prestigious projects includes the salvage of the nuclear submarine Kursk.

We have held a start meeting this week and already next Monday we will gradually start production, the schedule for the projects is under pressure so it is just to start delivering, concludes Daniel Johansson.

For further information, please contact:

Mikael Ritola, Project Manager Husflytt NYAB, 070-669 08 52, mikael.ritola@nyabab.se
Daniel Johansson, Site Manager Mark NYAB, 070-362 24 13, daniel.johansson@nyabab.se

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