NYAB and Kiruna IF


NYAB is the new proud main sponsor of Kiruna IF in the Acceptance project.

Together, the parties will work together to develop and build the new and more attractive Kiruna. 

On June 26, Kiruna IF presented its unique and talked about stance for acceptance. This was noticed in newspapers around the world and it quickly became the most shared news in Sweden. Kiruna IF can now, with pleasure, present NYAB as the main sponsor of the Acceptance project and as a significant partner in Kiruna IF's investment in the Allsvenskan.

- We share NYAB's will and ambition to be involved in building a Kiruna where you not only want to live, but also live. The collaboration with NYAB gives us the conditions to grow and succeed with the project: "Acceptance to the Allsvenskan", says Kiruna IF's chairman Johan Köhler.

NYAB is a fast-growing construction company that today operates in Norrland and primarily Norrbotten. During the autumn, NYAB opened an office in Kiruna in order to be able to contribute to the development and transformation of society on site and with a local foothold.

- We want to give something back to the societies we operate in. Especially in these times, we think it is honorable to stand up for healthier attitudes and increased acceptance. Kiruna IF dares to believe, invest, aim high and stand up for their values. In that case, they have a lot in common with the construction industry's upstart NYAB. It feels right both emotionally and intellectually to contribute to what Kiruna IF stands for and what they aim for. We want a humanistic, accepting climate in Sweden and we want to see Kiruna IF in the Allsvenskan, says NYAB's CEO Johan Larsson.


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