NYAB changes its legal name

NYAB jpg

The construction company NYAB changes its legal name from Nyanläggarna i Luleå AB to NYAB Sverige AB.

The board of NYAB has decided that the time is ripe for this name change. The company and its subsidiaries have undergone incredible growth for almost two years and the previous name Nyanläggarna i Luleå AB is not appropriate with the company's current volume and operations.

Already last year, NYAB's logo was renewed / modified and Nyanläggarna i Luleå AB was removed.

The group affiliation also becomes clearer for the group company NYAB INFRA AB and other registered subsidiaries.

The market name NYAB remains and the legal name NYAB Sverige AB will be simpler and have a better harmony with the market name.

The Swedish Companies Registration Office has given its approval to the name change on 10/30/2014.

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