NYAB is reorganizing for continued profitable growth


NYAB has had a fantastic development since the start in 2013 and has had the privilege of contributing to the building of society in many ways and in many forms. This year, the Group's sales volume lands at approximately SEK 1.4 billion and the number of employees amounts to just over 200 people, in addition to which an additional 500 people are involved in our project operations in the form of subcontractors, consultants and suppliers. The journey from nothing to one of northern Sweden's largest privately owned companies has been filled with challenges and development together with our stakeholders.

The toughest steps in advance in the development were during the three years 2017 - 2019, when we would go from a sales volume of approximately SEK 300 million to just over SEK 1 billion, while maintaining quality and profitability.
And this when our main market was in northern Sweden, and our core operations were all construction work that in principle can not be carried out from any time in December until May. The decision we made was that our then existing complementary construction operations where we performed industrial constructions and framework agreement constructions needed to be switched up. This was because new constructions of commercial premises such as hospitals, schools, fire stations, ice rinks and the like did not have seasonal variation and were possible to carry out despite frost and snow. This has served us well to even out cash flows and bear overhead costs, as well as contributing to synergy effects and low-season employment.

NYAB is now taking the next step in development, and aims for the Group to pass 5.0 billion in sales by 2026. Today we have a well-developed and profitable business in the Stockholm area. We have a number of multi-year framework agreements of various kinds that are not seasonal. And we have recently started our first basic maintenance agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration, with a contract period of 4 + 2 years.
We see growing investments in infrastructure in the coming years, and in construction as well.

This means that we are reorganizing to give NYAB the best possible conditions. Where growing markets that are not cyclical are preferable. Corona has a negative effect on the construction market in the coming years, tougher competition and a smaller supply await in an already very pressured segment and this refers to larger new constructions. From 1/11 2020, NYAB will organize itself into four business areas. Business area Construction is dissolved. Our complementary construction operations will be sorted under the Special business area.

We are happy to take on the future and its challenges with an increased focus on construction and infrastructure-related contracts and with a really high-quality complementary construction business.

The foundation for the future is with this casting in place.

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