NYAB signs contract with Linxon


Linxon is a joint venture between ABB and SNC-Lavalin. The company delivers turnkey electric power plants with alternating current. NYAB's contract is for the construction of Station UT13 Grundfors, just south of Storuman. The contract includes work such as roads, plans, fencing work, other ground work as well as concrete and casting work.

The contract value remains between the parties to the agreement as the customer is not subject to the principle of openness. For NYAB, which last year exceeded SEK 1 billion in sales volume, it is a significant contract in terms of both the economic value and the nature of the work that connects to the segments we develop, which are electricity and power related. Fiber and opto, railway and power supply.

In addition to the contract, there is an option for further work regarding an extensive demolition of concrete foundations, says Lennart Wäppling, calculator at NYAB.

A challenging and stimulating assignment, fits perfectly as we are already carrying out a railway contract for Storuman municipality in the immediate area, says Simon Axtelius, site manager at NYAB.

The NYAB Group forecasts a volume growth of about 35% for our relatively modest year this year.

In real terms, however, this is a relatively strong growth amounting to approximately SEK 400 million during the current year. In all essentials, growth will continue to be organic and concentrated in the segments mentioned above and in infrastructure, says Johan Larsson, CEO of NYAB.

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