NYAB signs contract with LKAB


The contract pertains to another project as part of an ongoing social transformation in Malmberget and Gällivare. The project is called "Earthworks and infrastructure, West of west - Repisvaara, Gällivare".

West of west will be one of the areas where replacement of function will be possible for single-family and multi-family houses in Malmberget. The area needs to be prepared with infrastructure. The facilities that will be built will then be handed over to Gällivare municipality.

NYAB´'s contract includes new infrastructure, new sewage pumping station, construction of streets and GC roads, water and sewerage, lighting, electricity supply to properties, fiber sewerage and rough planning of plots for villas. The object also includes the reorganization of the existing VA. Project start takes place immediately.

-Glad that we get renewed confidence from LKAB. In general, NYAB has carried out numerous projects linked to ongoing societal transformation in the ore fields. Especially at Repisvaara, we have had a very high level of activity and carried out several projects for LKAB and Gällivare Municipality since the start when it was untouched land. An incredible amount has happened there and the shape of a modern and attractive residential area has taken shape, says Fredrik Karkiainen, Business Area Manager at NYAB.

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