NYAB signs contract with LKAB


The contract concerns the construction and construction of a new drinking water reservoir at Repisvaara of 1,200,000 liters.

The reservoir will replace the Captain Reservoir in Malmberget, which is being decommissioned. 

- Projects belonging to or linked to the transformation of society are interesting, as they are important parts that affect many in the construction of an attractive and sustainable society. We have previously built a connecting pressure boosting station for Gällivare municipality and made large parts of Repisvaara's infrastructure and conversion from raw forest land to a residential area, says Fredrik Karkiainen, Business Area Manager Construction at NYAB. 

- This project is technically and design-wise interesting, this as we won Lkab´'s trust through a side offer, with our own design solution that saves the customer time as well as money. The type is a high reservoir in concrete that is partly built underground, says Erik Lindmark, Project Manager at NYAB.

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