NYAB signs contract with BoKlok


BoKlok is IKEA and Skanska's joint venture for sustainable homes at low prices. The concept must be economically, environmentally, technically and socially sustainable. BoKlok builds about 1,200 homes per year in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

BoKlok will now build homes on Heden in Gällivare and NYAB will be entrusted with carrying out infrastructure, ground and assembly work.

- BoKlok is a new customer for us. We hope that this project will be the first of many we carry out together. Since NYAB's start in 2013, we have had a good collaboration with Skanska in alternating roles as both customer and supplier. We are thus well acquainted with contract administration and working methods regarding sustainability, quality and the cost efficiency we are expected to contribute with, which ultimately benefits the residents and the local community. It is very positive with private investments of this kind, and gratifying that two of Sweden's strongest companies contribute to the development of society in Gällivare through BoKlok, says Fredrik Karkiainen, Business Area Manager at NYAB Sweden.

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