NYAB signs contract with Övik Energi


Övik Energi is a municipally owned company in Örnsköldsvik municipality.

The project concerns fiber works Domsjö-Vårbystrand.

The expansion means that additional households and companies have the opportunity to connect to the fiber network.

The work is scheduled to begin in May. And consists of, among other things, controlled drilling, plowing and shafts.

The project must be completed in its entirety and finally inspected in the summer of 2020.

- For just over a year now, NYAB has in its business plan to develop our business regarding fiber and opto-related services. Together with our planned geographical expansion, this is a very well, not to say perfectly fitting, piece of the puzzle. We look forward to managing the customer's trust and aim to deliver a product that exceeds the customer's expectations, says Mikael Ritola, NYAB.

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