NYAB signs two contracts with Sunpine


Sunpine has an increasing demand for its products and the market for sustainable fuels is growing. Therefore, Sunpine is investing SEK 250 million in a new facility. The ambition is to increase the production of pine diesel by 50% through this investment. Production at the upcoming facility is planned to start in 2020.

The contracts relate partly to the execution of a land contract and a foundation contract for the new facility at Haraholmen's industrial area in Piteå. The project starts immediately. The work consists of excavation, filling, foundation, concrete work, water and drainage as well as asphalting and must be completed in its entirety in September 2019.

-Two separate interesting projects that together become even more interesting. The completed plant will in the long run create jobs in Piteå, and is important for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Through coordination, the projects give us a good opportunity to optimize our sustainability work and make it more cost-effective, says Erik Öhman, Site Manager for both contracts at NYAB.

-It is very honoring that Sunpine chooses us as an entrepreneur. Already in the procurement phase, the parties have had good cooperation and a good dialogue. Together with the projector Pöyry, we have found improving changes in the project. We have the opportunity to collect large volumes of rock material for the ground construction from our CE-marked quarrying operations at Pitholm. The short transport distance leads to reduced carbon dioxide emissions within the project. It is appreciated by us, Sunpine and the future, says Fredrik Karkiainen, Business Area Manager facility, NYAB.

-I am pleased to see that we as a company govern and above all act in accordance with the seventeen global sustainability goals adopted by world leaders under the UN. The goal was crystal clear when I took up my position: “NYAB must be able to use its sustainability work as a means of competition without sacrificing the goal of cost efficiency, these must go hand in hand and support each other. The global goals of 2030 must be met, and we must develop faster in this area than we do and have done in all other areas, and we must communicate that ”. I see this as a good opportunity to communicate that we have developed, and will continue to do so, says Magnus Broström, KMA & Sustainability Manager at NYAB.

- We have started the collaboration with NYAB and are preparing the construction project as far as possible while waiting for all permits to be in place. We look forward to a good collaboration in a very important and exciting development project for us, says Ulrika Hagman, project manager for investments, SunPine.

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