NYAB starts a new subsidiary: NYAB Infrastruktur AB



NYAB's expansion continues. As the name suggests, NYAB Infrastructure will primarily be focused on infrastructure contracts, mainly roads but also railways. Magnus Granljung will take up his position as CEO at the same time as Björn Lindbäck will take over as Chief of Staff next week 9/10.

Björn Lindbäck has a solid and solid background in the construction industry, and has mainly worked with customers and customers within the framework of the Public Procurement Act (LOU), and then mainly with the Swedish Transport Administration and municipalities. Magnus Granljung has a background with senior management positions in Group management at larger construction companies. Together, they have been involved in and led both large and complex projects, operations and divisions.

- Until today, NYAB has to a lesser extent devoted itself to infrastructure contracts.
With the formation of NYAB Infrastructure, we specialize in additional and more niches and segments. This is completely in line with our brand strategy. With the help of the parent company, NYAB Infrastruktur has been able to get off to a flying start and has thus already submitted a number of tenders. To have the opportunity to work with Björn and Magnus in the future is for me very gratifying as I with the greatest respect mainly competed and alternated with both of them throughout my career. I and the whole group have a lot to learn from Björn and Magnus, together with them and through hard work and decent attitude, I am completely convinced that the group will be even better and that we will have fun. Both will also become partners in the subsidiary, says NYAB's CEO Johan Larsson.

- The goal is clear and I have accepted the challenge and look forward to building NYAB Infrastructure, and thereby developing a company from scratch, which has certainly already put a lot through its
group affiliation, says Magnus Granljung.

- With the company that NYAB is today behind us, we have good conditions to literally build right from the ground up. After about 20 years in the industry, I look forward to this journey, as something new and as an opportunity to do something really good by having the opportunity to influence everything essential, says Björn Lindbäck.

- Large complex infrastructure projects today require a lot from everyone involved. Our ambition is to attract the best employees, consultants and suppliers to work with the best customers to ensure that the journey to realize their projects is exactly as they intended. The goal is clear, the journey has begun, concludes Magnus Granljung.

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