NYAB Sverige AB is awarded a contract by Umeå Energi


Umeå Energi Bredband is a fiber-optic city network with superior capacity for data and telecommunications in Umeå municipality. It is owned by Umeå Energi, which is also responsible for operations and is on call 24 hours a day, all year round. The project concerns broadband expansion in the areas of Holmen, Karlsvik and Storhäggsjö.

The project is procured as a construction contract and must be completed in its entirety for final inspection 2020-01-30. Contracts are intended to be signed before the end of February.

The work consists of, among other things, excavation, welding, installation, measurement, connection of fiber networks.

As well as installation of ducts and fiber blowing.

The construction method will be based on both traditional optical ducting with associated cables as well as mini-ducting and blowing of mini-cables.

- Good contract for NYAB's part. It was a priority contract. It fits well in terms of geography, segments and execution time. Our opto- and fiber operations will have an extensive geographical spread in 2019 and cover large parts of Norrland and a little further south. We look forward to contributing to Umeå's development of the broadband network and the ambition is to exceed the customer and users' expectations during production and regarding the end product, says Mikael Ritola, Business Area Manager Special.

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