NYAB Sverige AB signs contract with Lidl


Lidl will build new in Boden. The project includes foundations in the form of excavation work, filling work, water and sewerage, piling and concrete work. In addition to the foundation, it also includes external surface layers in the form of paving, paving, plantings etc.

The project's volume amounts to just under SEK 20 million and will start immediately. Completion will take place in the autumn of 2019.

- For us, this is an interesting project that was prioritized by the business area construction management. Not least as a large part of NYAB's employees are resident in Boden and we have decided that the facility will also increase its market presence in Boden, says responsible calculator Lars Andersson, NYAB.

- We have won Lidl's trust, it must now be taken care of. Happily, we see that Lidl also plans to establish itself in Luleå. Investments from the business community and increased competition are something we generally welcome, as it develops society. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality product that makes Lidl want to buy from us in the future, says Erik Lindmark, project manager at NYAB.

- In fierce competition, NYAB has won our trust. The mix of high quality at a reasonable price together with a sustainability mindset is in line with Lidl's philosophy. It has spoken in NYAB's favor and I look forward to carrying out this project with them, says Roger Yourstone, responsible project manager at Lidl.

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