NYAB Sverige AB performs the first part of the Multiaktivitetshuset for Gällivare Municipality


Now the start is underway for the construction of Gällivare's new multi-activity house, which will be an arena for, among other things, sports, a swimming pool with an adventure pool, cinema, library and music. The house will be built in the centrally located district Gojan. In popular parlance called the Arcade or the Tempo House. The building's planned inauguration is in 2023.

NYAB has today signed a contract for the initial work, which consists of the demolition of business premises and parking garages. Shafts and rock shafts of almost 60,000 m3. Compaction and remediation of soil masses. The project is called "Multiaktivitetshuset Gällivare demolition, shaft and sheet piling" and the contract value exceeds SEK 50 million.

- It is gratifying that NYAB can carry out another community-supporting and important project for the local community. The central location with passing vehicle traffic and pedestrians, residents and businesses places demands on special care, consideration and planning, says Mikael Ritola, business area manager at NYAB. 

- A suitable project for us, which consists of parts we have solid experience of. A schedule that is forced from the beginning and a number of uncertainties that affect the project execution, which we together with the municipality will begin to investigate as soon as possible, including the amount of rock and the extent of contamination in the soil, says Lars Andersson, responsible calculator at NYAB. 

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