NYAB Sweden is awarded a prestigious house relocation contract


Bollebygd municipality is planning extensive investments in the form of housing construction with associated infrastructure. Therefore, the municipality's courthouse, which was built during the 18th century and the jail that was built around the year 1800, need to be carefully relocated.

The project is a turnkey contract that takes place in collaboration. Bollebygd is located in Västergötland. The project will start before the turn of the year and completion will take place on 31 March 2019.

- A very honorable contract, buildings that have such a history are difficult to value in money. This project requires a lot due to the construction and age of the buildings, a good challenge for us. We look forward to contributing together with our partners with our solid expertise in house relocations, says Mikael Ritola, Business Area Manager Special at NYAB.

- NYAB is taking this one step further. This year, the Bygg business area is carrying out projects as far south as Hultsfred, the subsidiary NYAB Infrastruktur has recently won road and railway contracts in the Stockholm area, and now the Special Business Area will for the first time carry out house moves south of Sundsvall. Business Area Special has previously assisted with its specialist expertise in house relocations to, among others, the City of Stockholm and industrial customers in southern Sweden. However, this is the first time we are making the actual move in these latitudes and with this, I believe that NYAB this year has taken the first steps for an establishment in the metropolitan areas. This focus will continue and intensify in the coming years, says Johan Larsson, CEO of NYAB.

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