NYAB is awarded "V.395 Anttis-Lovikka" by the Swedish Transport Administration


As part of an improved traffic environment due to ore transports Kaunisvaara-Svappavaara, NYAB Infrastructure V.395 Anttis-Lovikka is widening for the Swedish Transport Administration. The project is another of the projects that the Swedish Transport Administration calls "MaKS stages". The contract volume amounts to SEK 127 million.

To ensure that the road withstands the load of ore transports, 90 tonnes, widening and reinforcement measures are now being carried out on road 395. A section approximately 13.4 km long between Anttis and Lovikka, in Pajala municipality. The contract includes the following:

13.4 km widening and reinforcement, bus stops, lighting and electrical work, extra wide and long parking pockets, noise measures in the form of a noise barrier.

The project will be completed in the autumn of 2021. Commencement will take place immediately after signing the contract.

-A gratifying award announcement. We will manage the Swedish Transport Administration's trust and deliver a high-quality end product for road users, says Karl-Johan Västerö, Calculation Engineer at NYAB Infrastructure.

-A project for us a priority for a priority customer. We see synergies with our other ongoing project operations. Solid teamwork in the calculation and tender phase. This project is a very important piece of the puzzle in our continued company construction. NYAB Infrastructure has now been operating for two years during strong growth, and this award gives us good opportunities to continue to develop employees that enable the company to develop, says Magnus Granljung, CEO of NYAB Infrastructure.

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