NYAB is awarded "Road 395 Junosuando-Masugnsbyn" by the Swedish Transport Administration

NYAB-press release-img-200907

The road will have a width of 8 m and be dimensioned to handle the ore transports' load weights of 90 tonnes. A new bridge over Leppäjoki is being built along the stretch and the existing bridge is being demolished. Lighting is carried out at the intersection at connecting road 867 towards Saittarova. The contract form is the execution contract. The tender value amounts to approximately SEK 129 million.

- Perfect geography as we have ongoing road contracts nearby, this is an almost classic widening and reinforcement contract where the most challenging part technically is the bridge demolition and bridge construction with a span of 16 meters. As usual, the main challenge is to deliver safety and quality cost-effectively, says Björn Lindbäck, work manager at NYAB Infrastructure.

During the current year, the NYAB Group has seen strong growth in infrastructure-related contracts. Especially in road and rail.

- A gratifying award from the Swedish Transport Administration. The season for road construction is coming to an end. We are satisfied with what we have delivered so far during the year and the ambition is to fill the order backlog with road contracts for another 200 million in the coming months. And thus enter the winter with an order backlog that enables continued growth in the coming years, says Magnus Granljung, CEO of NYAB Infrastructure.

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