NYAB wins Boliden's trust



NYAB is awarded the contract for "Boliden Aitik, HS-Magasin, 2017-2019".

The contract between NYAB and Boliden relates to the construction of dams, pipe embankments and overflow drains for HS reservoir in Boliden Aitik, located 15 km southeast of Gällivare central town. Boliden Aitik is Sweden's largest copper open pit mine. Around the clock, ore deposits are mined from copper ice, which contains copper, gold and silver.

-All projects have their challenges but this is extra interesting due to its size. It is in excess of two million cubic meters of moraine and rock material that will be handled in the contract, says Lars Andersson, Construction Engineer, NYAB.

-This contract means that we will have an extensive operation in Gällivare until the planned completion in the autumn of 2019. The agreement is one of NYAB's largest individual contracts of all time and one of Norrbotten's largest construction projects procured this year. This is our first major project for Boliden, says Fredrik Karkiainen, Business Area Manager.

-We have won Boliden's trust and humbly look forward to managing the trust with the given goal of ultimately delivering a high-quality facility to the user, concludes Lennart Wäppling, Project Manager, NYAB.

For further information, please contact:
Lennart Wäppling, Project Manager, 070-537 70 71, lennart.wappling@nyabab.se
Fredrik Karkiainen, Business Area Manager Construction, 070-675 00 11, fredrik.karkiainen@nyabab.se

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