NYAB wins Gällivare municipality's trust and builds the Ice and Event Arena


In the past week, NYAB has signed three contracts with Gällivare municipality. Ice and event arena and two contracts for land construction, these through a new GC bridge in Fjällnäs, and construction of a new industrial area, at Trinity.

The contract amount for the Ice and Event Arena alone amounts to SEK 161 million.

- These projects have their challenges, it makes it extra interesting that all of them have a great interest in society and that the finished facilities are improved and demanded by the local community and the business community. Together we create a more attractive Gällivare. The Ice Rink contract also includes a proper construction project, says Stefan Säthergren, Production Manager, NYAB.

- This contract means that my business area construction as a whole will have extensive operations in Gällivare. We enjoy working with and with Gällivare Municipality, which for us is a priority customer. We have put in a lot of time and effort to come to this agreement, it has been a priority project and we have worked hard with the tender for Ishallen, says Johan Rahkola, Business Area Manager Construction, NYAB.

- The intertwined goals of securing future mining operations and at the same time creating more attractive communities are progressing in the ore fields. Very gratifying week for NYAB with three contracts with Gällivare municipality as a contracting party, two construction projects and a large construction project. This is because it has been the Group's stated goal since we started in 2013 to participate and contribute to the societal transformations in Kiruna and Gällivare, to the extent that the market allows us. We identified a market that needed more and better players, as well as tougher competition, and now five years later we are one of the largest construction companies in that market, concludes Johan Larsson, CEO of NYAB.

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