NYAB wins three railway contracts in Norrbotten


One contract concerns the refurbishment and construction of platforms and platform connection, including a new construction track within Haparanda and Kalix municipality with the Swedish Transport Administration as customer. The second contract concerns a new industrial track, loading docks, electricity and driving surfaces at the combined terminal Tuvåkra with Luleå municipality as customer. The third contract concerns land and ductwork work at a new connection exchange in Gammelstad / Tuvåkra with Infranord as customer.

NYAB Infrastructure carries out the project for the Swedish Transport Administration and NYAB Sweden carries out the two projects for Luleå Municipality and Infranord. Since the start of the subsidiary and the NYAB Infrastructure business area at the turn of the year 2017/2018, the NYAB Group has established itself as one of northern Sweden's largest road builders. During the same period, NYAB has developed its offering in the railway segment at a somewhat slower pace.

- If we look at it in a longer perspective, railways are an important segment for our group's opportunity for continued good development. Seen from a sustainability perspective, it is important for humanity. It does not take too deep analyzes to establish that the coming decades will include major investments in the metro and railway. We are gradually changing the way we travel and transport people and materials. The requirements for sustainability and in particular lower carbon dioxide emissions drive the demand for repair and maintenance of the existing railway network as well as new construction and expansion, says Johan Larsson, CEO of NYAB.

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