NYAB's CEO nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year



Nominated for the Luleå Business Awards were presented today 18/3 and winners will be chosen at the business gala 29/4.

I am of course very happy about this nomination and hope that my colleagues and co-workers also feel a joy and pride.

The fantastic development NYAB has and has had makes me proud and it is made possible thanks to the fact that I have incredibly talented people with me. Whether I am at a general meeting, in the boardroom, in a contract negotiation, in a group management meeting, in the coffee room, in a meeting with our CFO or in one of NYAB's many projects, I am surrounded by employees with development, sensitivity and performance who salutation. I am fantastically proud of the culture we have built together in NYAB and everything we have achieved. You make my work fun and enjoyable. You mean that we have fantastic subcontractors, suppliers and partners who in the long run create profitability, quality and satisfied customers.

As CEO of NYAB, I always compete to win, and when I or we do not win, we learn something and come back stronger. This culture personifies not only me but the whole of NYAB and that is one of the reasons for our good results. A big thank you to Företagarna Luleå's board for the nomination for the "brain code" as the entrepreneur of the year, and an even bigger thank you to all employees at NYAB who made the nomination possible. If I win, I want to dedicate the prize to NYAB's partners and employees.

-Johan Larsson, CEO NYAB


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