Organizational change at management level in NYAB

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Magnus Granljung will take over as COO, Chief Operating Officer on 15 March. Organizationally, the position as "Operations Manager" is directly under the CEO. Thus, all operating activities in all business areas and subsidiaries will be under Magnus.

Following the closure of the Group's smallest business area Construction during the previous year, NYAB now consists of four business areas, two of which are subsidiaries. NYAB has the position and the foundation the Group has strived for for continued scalable growth, where our volumes are in infrastructure and plant-related project operations.

Last year's SEK 1.35 billion in sales volume, together with the best financial result to date, will rise sharply this year.

The NYAB Group has an eight-year uninterrupted suite of profitable growth. During these years, the organizational structure has until now always been the same on the management.

- The complexity of our project operations together with the strong expansion we have in new geographies places new demands on leadership. Through this reorganization, I get the opportunity to have a greater focus on the financial and lead the group to a possible IPO process / IPO. My opinion is that we have a fantastic culture in NYAB, with the best people in the industry in our core business. It is the key people in the project operations that enable a profit margin of approximately 10% during strong growth. With Magnus as chief operating officer, we will have a management that is at the same high level as we are in our core business, as well as in our support functions. We are well equipped for the challenges of the future, says Johan Larsson, President and CEO of NYAB.

Magnus Granljung has solid experience of leading positions from the construction industry. Most recently, Magnus comes from the role of CEO of the subsidiary and the NYAB Infrastructure business area.

- In order to defend the current profit margin at Group level of> 10% EBIT, we must now, during continued growth, get better resource optimization between each business area. NYAB has an incredible breadth in infrastructure and facilities. We are entering a new phase in our development and we must comply with customers and society's requirements and to ensure sustainability, quality and profitability, we must work with these issues more centrally in parallel with the creativity and performance culture that each business area clearly shows. NYAB is not and has never been a top-down group, the power comes from the individual and the core business. Through the consensus we have in the Group, we take on the future and maintain the combination of high growth and a high profit margin. A sustainable business simply, says Magnus Granljung, COO at NYAB.

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