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Time reporting and travel invoice with Proapps in mobile app


Initial value

When you open the app, you will be greeted by the home page. We use all functions except Diary.


Proapps Project in mobile

Click on the dots in the upper right corner for additional functions. Here you can choose to synchronize basic data (this is done automatically at start-up), see your weekly reporting and log out.


Proapps Project in mobile

2. Project time 

On the start page, you have four tabs at the bottom: Open, Favorites, Drafts and Week. Blue marking shows which tab you are in.

Open: View lines you created but did not send for certification and rejected (nearest manager has sent back your reporting).

Favorites: Save your favorite projects (incl. Description and time code) to quickly register time.

Draft: Find started but not completed time transactions saved as drafts.

Week: Weekly view and overview of previous reports. Click on the sum during the day to see what you reported against that day.


Proapps Project in mobile

2.1 Create a new time report 

During Week, today's date is always marked in red. Change week by clicking on the arrows to the left and right. 

To report hours, select a day and click the + sign.


Proapps Project in mobile


In the next step, you choose which project number you have worked towards.

The app remembers the project number you last selected. Click on the text for a selectable list or use the search button to search by project number or name.

Once you have selected the project, click on Time Project.


Proapps Project in mobile

Proapps Project in mobile

2.2 Time codes

Choose which time code you want to report to and the number of hours and minutes.

Codes for time worked

Time code WORK TIME - Monthly paid professional worker / civil servant

Timecode TIM - Hours YA / Apprentice

Timecode TIM-ACK - YA / Apprentice chord project

NOTE! Holidays are not marked as red days in the calendar. Pay attention to when it is a holiday and then report on time code WEEKEND. Only YA and apprentices must report WEEKEND. If you are an official, you leave the field blank.

A complete list of time codes to which you are authorized can be found in the app.

Press the arrow at the bottom to advance to the next tab.


Proapps Project in mobile

2.3 Select days 

Select the days you want to add the time to. If you worked on the same project for several days, you can click on those days of the week. 

To change the number of hours on any of the days, press a day (hold down) and the time box opens.

When you are done, press "Save".


Proapps Project in mobile Proapps Project in mobile


IMPORTANT! If you work in on Friday, for example 11, 11, 11, 7 hours, you should still report 8 hours per day, Monday to Friday. It has to do with various settings in the salary system (eg holiday calculation) and 8 hours per day is the regular schedule. 

You must report a total of 40 hours per week and this may consist of regular time and / or absence. Overtime is the hours that exceed 40 hours and is reported on your own time code on the day you worked overtime. 

For questions, contact us at ekonomi@nyabab.se or 0920-19415.

2.4 Send for certificate

Once you have registered your time, you will return to the weekly view and can use the arrow symbol to send your lines for certification. By holding down the line (the transaction, what you reported) you get symbols so you can throw, change or send for certificate at line level.

Rows sent for certification are gray and can not be changed. If you need to change and have already submitted your report, you can ask your immediate supervisor to reject the time report. Then you can change afterwards.


Proapps Project in mobile

3.0 Travel allowance 

To report mileage compensation, click on "Travel" in the main menu.

The calendar view for travel compensation works in the same way as when you report Time Projects. Highlight, day, press the + sign and select project number. Then select Travel Project.


Proapps Project in mobile

3.1 Codes

The next step is to choose the type of mileage compensation:

KM01 - Tax-free mileage allowance for daily travel (only for YA).

KM02 is mileage compensation business trips with your own car. 

KM03 is mileage compensation business trips with a diesel-powered company car.

KM04 is mileage compensation business trips with a petrol-powered company car.


Proapps Project in mobile


Fill in the number of kilometers and click on the arrow at the bottom right.

In the next step, you describe your case. It can, for example, stand. travel to Gällivare. If the trip concerns the first cancellation trip to the project or departure from a project, it is important that you write it.

Then you can mark several days if you drove the same trip.

When you are satisfied, click Save.

4.0 Treatments 

To report allowances, select "Allowances" on the home page. The calendar view looks the same as when you report time and mileage compensation. Choose the day you started your trip and then click on the + sign.

Choose which project number you report to. Then click on Trakt Projekt.

4.1 Location and accommodation

In the next step, you fill in country Sweden and a description of the business trip. For example. driven to projects in Gällivare.

If you have arranged your own accommodation, click on your own accommodation so it will be green. This means that the allowance must not be reduced by 35%. If NYAB has arranged accommodation for you, your own accommodation must be gray.
Employee compensation must always be green, regardless of whether you or NYAB have arranged the accommodation.


Proapps Project in mobile

4.2 Departure and return journey 

You as a professional are entitled to a maximum of 2 taxable allowances for the intermediate weekend, provided that you return to the same project the following week. To report these allowances, you choose to leave on Saturday at 07.00 and return home Sunday at 20.00


Proapps Project in mobile


The next step is about cost deductions. For example, if you have stayed in a hotel and received a hotel breakfast, fill in 1 during breakfast. If no cost deduction is to be made, you only fill in a point in the field for description to proceed.

When you have filled in all the allowances, you can select Open in the menu at the bottom. Then you see all transactions for the allowances that you can send for a certificate. You send everything for the certificate in the upper right corner where it says Certificate.

4.3 Information for officials

As a civil servant, you are entitled to the allowances according to the tax legislation. 

In order for allowances to be paid tax-free, the following three conditions must be met:

  1. The employee makes a business trip with an overnight stay that is more than 50 km outside the usual place of business and residence.
  2. The tax-free amount paid may not exceed the standard amounts for tax-free allowance, currently SEK 240. At each overnight stay, a taxable night allowance is also paid, currently SEK 120.
  3. NYAB as an employer needs to have a basis, a travel invoice, which contains information about the employee's business trip. This criterion is met when using Proapps.

As a civil servant, you can receive both full and half allowance, depending on departure and return time.

Full day - the journey begins before 12.00 on the day of departure and ends on the day of return after 19.00.

Half day - the trip starts at 12.00 or later on the day of departure, or ends on the day of return at 19.00 or earlier.

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