Quality & Sustainability

Ansvarsfullt skapande

Society is a never-ending project. What has become obsolete is broken down to give room for growth and innovation. As people keep changing the world, we also learn from it. The materials and resources we use will not last forever. Our way of doing business needs to change. This is why NYAB takes a great responsibility for quality, environmental sustainability and work environment. And every day, we are working to raise the bar even further.

Good people make a good company. Our diversity of people and ideas form a culture where the individual thrives, performs and develops as a person. It leads to higher quality in every project, and better profitability.

Our industry builds society. So, contributing to industry development will in the long run help building a better society. This is why we strive to find new ways of thinking och doing business.

There are a lot of people and organizations who shares our intention of doing good. From companies and grassroot movements to young rebels with a clear vision.


Our number one priority is to achieve the highest quality possible in every step. We do so by being responsive, following well evaluated routines and actively working towards ever higher quality.

Environmental sustainability

Our operations are conducted with a long-term perspective and with a focus on sustainability. We should always meet and surpass current environmental laws and customer demands. We are always working to minimize our own negative environmental impact.

Work environment

NYAB works towards a good working environment for body and soul. We do so by having daily conversations about the work climate and stimulating individual development.

Good deeds

We are inspired by the ones changing society for the better. Companies revolutionizing business, popular movements and young people challenging old truths. Society needs more of this, which is why we want to promote good deeds.
Kvalitet & hållbarhet

Hållbarhetsrapport 2020

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