Environmental sustainability

A sustainable way of working

NYAB takes a great responsibility for environmental sustainability. Our goal is to contribute to a sustainable development locally and globally. Therefore we need to achieve and maintain a high level of competence within sustainability, and will always strive for the most environmentally sustainable solutions.

Education and investments

NYAB should always prevent pollutions and our employees, suppliers and drivers are educated accordingly. We strive to have machines and vehicles that are environmentally friendly and invest accordingly.

Measuring and follow-ups

We are regularly measuring and evaluating our most negative environmental impacts. We must be prepared for certain environmental emergencies, and we are constantly reviewing and updating our environmental policy.

Environmental requirements and laws

Our environmental work must meet regional environmental goals. NYAB shall comply with all applicable environmental laws and other requirements affecting our business. We put the same demands on suppliers and partners as on ourselves.

Environmental sustainability

Read our environmental policy

The global goals

The countries of the world have agreed on the UN Global Goals - 17 points to be achieved by 2030. Together, we will erase extreme poverty, reduce inequalities and injustices, promote peace and justice, and solve the climate crisis.
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