Good deeds

Its is our actions that take us forward, with a good idea as base and the means to make it reality. We see it time and again in society and are inspired by it. Companies revolutionizing business, popular movements and young people challenging old truths. Society needs more of this, which is why we want to promote good deeds.

IFK Luleå

IFK Luleå is the city’s oldest and biggest sports club. Here, local kids and teenagers can develop together and individually. The club’s responsibility is not only football related, they are also crafting good people and future members of society - with good values, comradery and happiness.

Lule Stassteater

Big scenes, plays and tours are nice. But there are times when culture means so much more, even though it does not get the same attention.

Football for everyone


Football and team sports build solidarity and create a purposeful playtime. But first and foremost it has to be fun and including.

Kids christmas

Kids christmas is an initiative by the Luleå couple Anna and Stefan Skagervik, which started 2015 and ensures that all kids, regardless of social background or status, can have a really good christmas.
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