Quality in every step

Sedan starten har NYAB arbetat med högsta kvalitet som en självklar målbild. Genom att sätta kunden i fokus ska vi leva upp till de kvalitetskrav som de, och samhället, ställer på oss som utförare.


Customer relations and delivery

Our business is built on long-lasting customer relationships and collaborations. Our focus is to deliver the best service and product, at the right time and price. This is what creates good customer relationships.


Co-workers and competence

Our employees are our most important resource. Competence development is a priority for NYAB. Every co-worker should have the skills required for their specific job and position, and is given responsibility and mandate to fulfil the customer's requirements and expectations.


Management and evaluation

NYAB should always follow the laws and regulations affecting the organization. We are always working according to our management system for total quality. We must have exemplary leadership that, through the development of efficiency and customer satisfaction, constantly improves us.


Read our quality policy

Låt oss berätta hur vi arbetar för att alltid hålla en hög kvalitet i både leverans och produkt.

De globala målen


The countries of the world have agreed on the UN Global Goals - 17 points to be achieved by 2030. Together, we will erase extreme poverty, reduce inequalities and injustices, promote peace and justice, and solve the climate crisis.

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