Work environment

Work that feels good

NYAB is building the communities of the future. The goal of the work environment policy is that we together will create a safe and secure workplace, with a method that is preventative and long-term.

Culture and climate

We have an open climate where we constantly improve our management system and work environment. Our competence development ensures that employees have the right knowledge about the work environment, and we invite collaboration with employee representatives.

Structure and system

We have common goals for development and accident prevention, risks and illness. We reach our goals by clear systematics in the work environment development. Follow-ups help us do what we have agreed on.

Customers and society

We maintain an open dialogue with our customers, suppliers, authorities and other stakeholders to create a safe working environment together. Existing legislation is our lower limit and external requirements must always be met.

Work environment

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The global goals

The countries of the world have agreed on the UN Global Goals - 17 points to be achieved by 2030. Together, we will erase extreme poverty, reduce inequalities and injustices, promote peace and justice, and solve the climate crisis.
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