Skogsvallen changes its name to Nyabvallen



 Johan Larsson, Ingemar Ek.
Johan Larsson, Ingemar Ek.

IFK Luleå and Nyab have signed a new sponsorship agreement, which means that the Skogsvallen representation arena will change its name to Nyabvallen from 2020.

Nyab and IFK Luleå have been partners since the spring of 2019. When the collaboration gave a good exchange from the start, they now choose to deepen it further.

Skogsvallen is Luleå municipality's representation arena and the main arena for football. It is also the arena for IFK Luleå's home matches and it was already when the team played in the Allsvenskan in 1971. From 1 January 2020, the traditional arena, which many Luleå residents have a relationship with, is called, Nyabvallen *.

- This gives us a strong financial platform and a network of skilled people that makes it possible to build new, right and fresh. And who wants to take the association to the next level together with us and our other partners. Already this summer, we felt that we had found each other and that we wanted to expand the collaboration with a focus on responsible development for the local community and IFK Luleå, says Ingemar Ek, Deputy Chairman of IFK Luleå.

The collaboration also means more than that the arena changes its name - it is also one of the first steps in a new ambitious venture that in the future will take IFK Luleå back to football's fine room.

- Our ambition and goal is for us to go to the Superettan. Now we begin the work of planning and identifying for how that investment will go. In the spring of 2020, we will present more about when we will reach the goal and how it will go, says Ek.

Nyab Sweden has been in its current form for six years and has had very strong growth. The partnership with IFK Luleå is the company's largest sponsorship commitment to date.

- We are proud and humbled to have created such values in a short time that we have the opportunity to do this with IFK Luleå and their members. One of the main reasons why we are investing in IFK is precisely that we think they have built a strong foundation by engaging so many non-profit forces, both in the elite team and the youth team, says Johan Larsson, CEO of Nyab, and continues:

- If we in Norrbotten are to return to the Superettan, we need to do it together. We think IFK Luleå with all the desired clarity has shown that they have that will and ability both through the members' commitment and the elite team's achievements when they secured the promotion to division 1. We do not start this journey because we think it will be easy, we want to do it for that it is difficult. And we are convinced that together with the club and other partners, we will accept the challenge and create the necessary conditions.

* The name change is dependent on a board decision in Luleå municipality, which is expected by the end of October.


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